Hi, I’m Gina Bower

Brand Photographer +
Writer for Women Entrepreneurs

Heart-Centered Collaboration to Inspire You + Grow Your Business with Intention


to bring ease to your marketing + content creation?


as you elevate, rebrand or pivot your business?


that connects to your dream clients + is true to you?


so you can realign with what really matters?



Gina Bower Amplify Your Heartpath by Ray Pfeiffer

I’m Gina. As your partner + advocate, I support you to… 

  • 9Radiate Confidence
  • 9Lean into your Inner-Knowing
  • 9Meaningfully Connect to your Dream Clients
  • 9Navigate the Unknown with Purpose + Profit

    I guide you step-by step through an intentional process to grow your business, grounded in your purpose and guided by your intuition. I capture your essence and values through photography. I maximize the intent and impact of your message through writing. I bring my gifts of empathy and meaningful reflection so you can expand into what’s possible… feeling seen, honored and energized!  

    Whether you’re feeling stuck or on fire during this season, our collaboration is a breath of fresh air to tend your creative flames.

    My Mission

    It’s my mission to uplift female entrepreneurs to embody their truest selves + their highest visions for business + life, as they navigate the changing seasons.

    I invite you to evolve personally and professionally so you can thrive. My friends, let’s recognize the strengths in each season, honor the cycles of growth and speak our truth at every turn. The world needs empowered women, sharing our gifts, just as we are, today. It’s a bold act to be authentically you. As each of us speaks up and makes our offering, it unlocks a clue or insight for someone else on their path. We are so connected. Together, we make unstoppable waves. Together, we rise!

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    STAY ALIGNED WITH YOUR EVOLVING NEEDS, DESIRES + VISIONS. Get clear on where to focus your time, energy + money to create meaningful change.

    Explore over 50 powerful reflections to feel inspired, grow with intention + take action with confidence!

    Kind words from happy clients…

    That first photo shoot with Gina changed my life.

    I went from feeling stiff and uncomfortable to confident and free. And that was before I even saw the photos! I love how Gina works with you to give you ideas but doesn’t overly pose you so you can be genuine and let your own style come through. She’s so good at taking our ideas or coming up with new ones, and putting them into words and pictures that really work for our business. Gina and Ray also shoot our jewelry in their studio and they make the product look great and elevated. It’s been a big part of taking our business to the next level.  So many people have stopped me on the street to say how great all of our pictures look. 

    – Nosheen Ajmal, Owner of Art Gecko State

    I know that Gina's help with my clear messaging and photography is a big part of why I just booked a new dream client so quickly and easily, without resistance.

    Working with Gina has been a gift in surprising ways. Gina saw my business on a much deeper level. She heard my actual voice and allowed my passion to come out. She not only strengthened my message to make it sound more like me, but she made it clear. Plus, the whole process improved my writing skills so I’m consistently writing better first drafts in less time. The incredible pictures she took communicate what my words are communicating. Now everything feels full of clarity and cohesive!

    – Stefanie Melo, Doula + Wellness Coach for Moms

    I’ve worked with Gina since 2013.

    She has taken lifestyle photos for my jewelry business and I can’t recommend her enough. There are so many wonderful things to say. Her attention to detail, her communication, her persistence and professionalism all are on mark. We recently worked together on a somewhat complicated photoshoot and her sense of adventure and perseverance were incredible! She is professional and fun and helps you feel comfortable if you are not used to getting your photo taken. She is a gem and she knows how to capture just what you are looking for. Thank you Gina!!


    -Samia Shalabi, Karazi Design

    A new type of support to access a new level of possibilities

    You ask a lot of yourself. It’s time to receive the nourishment you deserve and desire. Experience customized support so you can access the full power of your message, with an overflowing cup. You feel fresh energy, deepened clarity and strengthened confidence.

    What are you waiting for? Your gifts and offerings need to be heard by those ideal clients waiting to say, “Yes!! You speak to my soul and I need to work with you!”