Your words matter. The details matter. What + how you share with clients matters.

It makes a difference when. . .

  • 9You resonate with your clients’ dreams + validate their concerns
  • 9You embolden potential clients to take action + explore your sales funnel
  • 9You celebrate who you are, in an honest, relatable + trustworthy way
  • 9You have a cohesive brand voice across platforms


Does any of this sound familiar?

You write copy and content for your business. It’s going fine. And, you know more is possible.

Updating copy is on your to-do list. You have ideas in your head. It keeps getting pushed back. It’s hard to set aside time for proactive change.

When you sit down to write, it takes a disproportionate amount of time. You’re not in your genius zone.

You edit and re-edit. You don’t make meaningful shifts because you’re too close.

People are visiting your website and following you online, but they aren’t engaging. Could it be your copy?


What is copy amplifying?

It’s a fusion of copy editing and copywriting. It’s not about trends or passing fads. It’s about crafting a clear message that’s authentic to you and connects to the psychology of your dream clients.

I expose your blind spots by identifying the parts you’re attached to but are unclear, wordy or unnecessary. I amplify your intent by highlighting what is working and choosing just the right words to capture the heart of your message. I maximize your impact with strategies to convert clients and increase sales. You feel an aligned “YES!!” and a new level of clarity and peace. 

Experience for yourself what it feels like

Not sure where to start? Let me amplify one page of your website to see big shifts at an accessible investment. 

Ready for more? I offer writing services for all of your website pages, email sequences, brand voice strategy, website freebies, blogs, sales pages, and marketing materials.

Do you feel okay about your words but the visual presentation is bland? I also offer services to enhance your digital products and documents for cohesive branding and professional polish.

Kind words from happy clients…

After 30 years of business and a brand that's been all over the place, I finally know the heart and soul of my message.

Gina gave me the guidance and the confidence to explore in a new way. It helped me get a stronger understanding of myself, my vulnerability, my brand, my customers, and where I genuinely want to go. It’s an intimate process and not some sort of formulaic marketing B.S. Everything about working with Gina feels genuine. She is really living up to her business name and has helped me go deeper into my truth and amplify my heartpath. I’m in the flow and digging deeper about what I’m doing here and what I actually want to say.

– Nosheen Ajmal, Owner of Art Gecko State

Tears are streaming down my face onto my keyboard. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more seen in my entire life. Thank you for witnessing me and holding up such a compassionate mirror.

– Taylor Franklin, after receiving Amplified Bio/About

Gina, you have a remarkable way of synopsizing what all a person is carrying, alchemizing and calling in. It’s like a spotless mirror that you hold up, within which I can witness who I came here to be.

Lisa O’Connor

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