Gina Bower Photographer by Ray Pfeiffer

I’m the photographer, writer + creative collaborator for you, if you…

  • 9Value integrity in your relationships, connections + sales
  • 9Believe in honoring your intuition + going deeper
  • 9Want to work with a pro who cares about your business + your holistic needs
  • 9Are a leader or visionary that resonates with my services

Get out of your head + into your Heart 


The Heartpath

Like you, my path hasn’t been linear. 

After all, when you tune into your deep inner knowing and intuition, what I call the “heartpath,” you go to unexpected places. At times, it can be hard to access. We don’t always follow it. But…

…When we pause and turn down the noise, we open up to the whispers and other possibilities that were there all along! In an instant, everything shifts.

It’s hard to take the first step into the unknown. But each aligned step builds clarity and illuminates your next move.


Seasons of Resistance + Pushing

I spent a lot of time struggling for perfection and clinging to what I thought my work and personal life should look like. I equated my worth with what I achieved and how I could be of service to others. My first photography business looked great from the outside but it wasn’t sustainable. I had resistance to accepting what was and I had limiting beliefs about what was possible. Instead of pro-actively adapting. I snuffed out my flame and made myself smaller.

Seasons of Clarity + Flow

My most powerful course-corrections came when I surrendered and trusted. These big pivots and subtle shifts happened when I tuned into a deeper frequency of wisdom. Here are some aligned choices that honored my heartpath…

  • 9Stopping my applications to Medical School + moving to Italy where I dove into film photography
  • 9Leaving my job in healthcare to start Photography School in Maine in 2009
  • 9Exploring a photography career opportunity in Egypt
  • 9Pursuing home births for my three children
  • 9Saying "YES!" to my long-held passion for writing + editing
  • 9Starting my second business, Amplify Your Heartpath, with the call to expand myself, expand my visions + expand you!
Trust the whispers calling you to open up to more. Unlock new seasons + new possibilities with 50+ powerful reflections. 

Living Your Heartpath

We are bombarded with noise and distractions. We’re surrounded by subtle messages to conform to the status quo, keep things as they are, be quiet and stay small. 

Being aware of the story you tell yourself matters. We all have limiting beliefs and false stories from the past that pop up to keep us from changing. There are moments of imposter syndrome and questioning if you’re worthy, capable and enough… just as you are, today.

Sometimes, we choose to stick to the safety of the familiar and avoid making waves. There’s wisdom to be learned in those seasons. But sometimes, the moment arrives when we see we’re playing too safe, too small. When we only show up as a small part of our true selves…. that, my friend, can feel more energetically draining than showing up fully! 

“When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

It’s not a coincidence you are are committed to staying in alignment with work you believe in and clients you care about. You’re strong and you’re wise. When resistance comes up, you notice it. You tune into your body and take the aligned action you know is right. You’ve made bold moves to be where you are today. There are more courageous moves in your future. 

Tune into the call to shake things up and expand more!

You’re here because you have the inner flame to stay the course in your business, whether you’re burning hot or down to an ember. Now is the time to step into the spotlight and fully celebrate where you’ve come and the limitless potential of where you can go. Now is the time to be seen by more ideal clients waiting to hear your message loud and clear. Now is the time to turn down all the noise and amplify that deeper frequency of wisdom within you!